• Diagnostics
    and Discovery

    Review your current business process to implement the right change for your organization.

  • Technical Assessment

    We provide a technical assessment of your architecture for assisting in selecting the right vendor solution.

  • Data Analysis

    We analyze your data for optimal migration, integration, and multi-channel campaign deliveries.

  • Premier

    Throughout the engagement we provide a high level of support so your staff is fully knowledgeable of the implementation.

  • Process Mapping

    Initiate a business process map to fully identify all areas of change that may impact your organizations.

  • Customization

    Our services can provide customization of selected vendor products to fit your business model.

Services overview

Business Process

As your organization starts to consider a new solution, Tech-Strategies provides the service of Diagnostic and Discovery. After understanding your business goals, we map them to fully identify all areas of change that may impact your organization and across various business units. This process may also include a Technical Assessment to help identify the vender solution that best fits your business model.

Marketing Services

Extending your marketing strategy is more complex in this digital era of social media and communications. Having implemented serval campaign management solutions, Tech-Strategies provides the expertise to help you through yours. Whether it’s a Software as a Service (SAAS) cloud model or an on premise installation, we guide you through the data integration, workflow or journey maps, to campaign creation, interaction, and delivery.

Beyond Service

Whether it’s needing help in choosing a Campaign management solution or just to improve upon your business processes, Tech-Strategies offers additional services that provide a holistic approach to your implementation. We understand what it takes to integrate your data, optimize and develop custom modules for your CRM or campaign marketing tool. Throughout, we work with your team to ensure they are fully knowledgeable and capable of understanding the complete solution.

The next level of your success

Helping to move your business in the right