About us

Our company

Is one that excels in the market of CRM and Campaign management consulting services for any size businesses.

Tech-Strategies provides services to help you implement 3rd party vendor solutions. Whether it’s a Software as a Service (SAAS) cloud model or an on premise installation, we guide you through the discovery phase to help you select the right vendor. From data integration, workflows and journey maps, to campaign creation, interaction, and delivery. We specialize in helping companies deliver to their customers a holistic journey experience for their products and offerings.

Our history

Our history begins back in 2009, during the start of the great recession. Although many companies where forced to lay off employees, the need to continue business was imperative to get through the downturn in the economy. Tech-Strategies was founded to fulfil this void in the workforce. Since then we found our niche in implementation services for CRM and marketing solutions in this age of digital data.

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been the focus throughout our history. In November of 2011, Tech-Strategies transformed from a software development solution company delivering custom built applications to a software implementation company helping clients choose the right CRM solution in a hosted Software as a Service (SAAS) model or an on premise installation. Using our success in software development, we are able to deliver customized solutions to our client’s CRM offering. Solving unique issues specific to our client’s needs.

Throughout our history, our company has expanded its offerings and capitalized on evolving trends. In the spring of 2012, Tech-Strategies expanded its implementation offerings to include digital marketing. Since then Tech-Strategies has help implement several highly respectable campaign management solution software packages known worldwide for their multi-channel marketing capabilities. We have successfully implemented campaign strategies for medium and large scale clients across the retail, energy, and banking industries.

As with any business that grows comes the need to do some restructuring. Tech-Strategies is no different. In 2015 we increased our partnership and personnel so that we may continue to bring client success through our consulting services

We are the best

Working for the best results

The reliability of our solutions is provided by the expertise of our personnel. Each individual brings forth their experience, expertise and talent that together delivers world class solutions.

The peculiarity of Tech-Strategies that distinguishes us from a variety of companies, is the individual integrated approach to solving problems. We are always looking for a best approach to each case and examine the work of each company from the inside.

Meet our team

Steve Fritz

Founder & CEO

Steve has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. He started his career in Geodesy, writing specialized geodetic software. Since then he has consulted and worked for several fortune 500 companies successfully implementing turn-around business solution strategies and establishing high functioning development teams to deliver innovative data-driven applications.

His reputation of visionary ideas, strong knowledge in data-driven architecture, business application design, and business process re-engineering, brings to Tech-Strategies a talent that guarantees success in delivering quality and satisfaction.

Brian Swix

Strategic Marketing Architect

Brian has worked in Strategic Marketing Analysis and campaign design for several years. His expertise is analyzing and aggregating data for creating rich campaigns that enhances a customer's experience through a company's holistic marketing journey .

He brings to Tech-Strategies his keen sense of understanding data to drive successful multi-channel campaign solution. He has managed campaign creations that crosses over several lines of businesses to include, Banking, Insurance, and the Retail industry.


  • Reliable

    With us, you can count on our top notch service and performance from our dedicated team.

  • Experience

    We have the experience implementing marketing solutions.

  • Advanced

    We have the knowledge to deliver advanced technologies that gain success.


Balancing risk and opportunity

Tech-Strategies understands the risks a client takes to undergo process changes throughout it’s company to provide opportunity for growth. We help you understand and balance those risks through diagnostic and discovery and identify the best phased approach to initiate the implementation of your new solution.


“Steve provided invaluable input and direction for Virtus and was the back bone of the product. Without his vision and strategy regarding software design and development the company would never had progressed to the level we achieved”