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Our highly trained professionals can offer you smart business advice and fresh ideas to help run your business successfully.

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Services may include not only consulting support, but also the implementation of new business process decisions. Our task includes the search for optimal ways to help you through various situations.


The main task of Tech-Strategies is to deliver comprehensive solutions and services you need to turn your business strategies into a real competitive advantage.


Tech-Strategies has formed a team of professionals. Each of them is a qualified expert in their unique field, and together we can solve the problem of any complexity.

  • Business

    Every company needs growth. We help bridge the gap when your company is expanding.

  • business

    Tech-Strategies helps you develop innovative ideas to gain business success.

  • Project

    Our experience can help you get through small, medium and large scaled projects.

  • Marketing

    Our coaching helps you to learn all the aspects of digital marketing and campaign automation.

  • Software

    Our company is committed to help implement world-class software solutions.

  • Our

    Our objective is to provide our customers with unparalled business consultations.

We consult with small, medium and large business

Tech-Strategies has successfully provided consulting services from small local businesses expanding their growth across the United States to medium and large international companies.
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Helping with any of your business needs

Providing expertise and real world experience to help individuals and businesses of all sizes increase their profits.
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Our company at a glance

In this world, ideas are driven because of need.

Our history begins back in 2009, during the start of the great recession. Although many companies where forced to lay off employees, the need to continue business was imperative to get through the downturn in the economy. Tech-Strategies was founded to fulfil this void in the workforce. Since then we found our niche in implementation services for CRM and marketing solutions in this age of digital data.

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Continuous innovation and

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been the focus throughout our history. In November of 2011, Tech-Strategies transformed from a software development solution company delivering custom built applications to a software implementation company helping clients choose the right CRM solution in a hosted Software as a Service (SAAS) model or an on premise installation.

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Customer relationship management and marketing implementation services.

Throughout our history, our company has expanded its offerings and capitalized on evolving trends. In the spring of 2012, Tech-Strategies expanded its implementation offerings to include digital marketing. Since then Tech-Strategies has help implement several highly respectable campaign management solution software packages known worldwide for their multi-channel marketing capabilities.

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